In our work we use only the highest quality electronic film equipment..

Production</p><p>of promotional films

Promotional videos are usually short, around 2-3 minutes, video materials telling about the products or services offered by your company. It is currently one of the top forms of online mass communication that you can benefit from utilizing, it is an accessible way to tell your customers what you are doing and to whom your offer is  addressed.

An example of a promotional video created by us:


Event video report is a few minutes long video presenting an event organized by you. Our team for many years successfully prepared this kind of videos about events organized in Poland and abroad. No matter if your event takes place inside or in the open air, our video would be  a great way to promote it.

An example of our event video report:

This is a very broad category, which includes promotional videos created for tourism, hotel and gastronomy industries. All kinds of travel documentaries, videos promoting cities and entire regions in Poland and abroad, videos advertising hotels, restaurants, boarding houses and travel agency offers are considered as tourism videos.

One technique which gives excellent results in the production of tourism films is a time-lapse video.

Below an example of a film promoting the city of Mexico that we had the opportunity to work on:

Promotional product videos show in an accessible way  how the product or service you offer works.

When your clients are mostly business customers, it may be a good idea to make videos of another kind – the so-called case study video, video that shows you for example the effects of cooperation between  two companies.

Here is an example of our case study video presenting results of cooperation between Joma Sport (company producing sportswear) and ORBITVU (manufacturer of equipment for product photography):

Fashion videos have managed to gain immense popularity around the world, because, like photographs, it is the ideal way to promote the fashion world. The latest collection of clothes, promotion of their own portfolio, video report from a fashion show – the best way to promote it is a video.

Example of an fashion video realized by us for Galeria Krakowksa:

The most important thing in the production of  videoclips and dance videos is the music. Our films are created dynamically,  in a modern way and with great musical backgroud, which makes our studio different from others. We believe that this is the key in the production of videoclips.

Here is an example of our dance-music promotional video:

Viral video is one of the tools of modern viral marketing. It is a short video that becomes popular through a viral process of Internet sharing, typically through video sharing websites, social media and email. Viral videos often contain humorous and surprising content or show unusual events. Created at the request can contain a hidden commercial message.

Take advantage of viral marketing and make a film with us that will gain popularity in the network! Here is an example of a famous viral video advertising razors:


Documentaries, opposed to feature films or advertising productions, are literally “documentation” of existing reality. This genre is reserved to present real events and tell a story relying solely on facts.

There are many inspiring people and important events around us. We will be  happy to listen and make a video about them – not necessarily with a commercial purpose.  Do you know an inspiring story and think that it should be told? Contact us at the following address:

Instructional video is the most affordable form to explain how your product works. Training videos are the perfect complement to the manuals because image is the simplest way to transfer knowledge.

Are your products complicated? Do your services require understanding? Use videos and show what your offer is really about.

Production of corporate films


Currently, one of the most effective forms of advertising for the company are corporate and business videos. It’s the perfect choice, whether you want to present the atmosphere at work, encourage potential candidates to apply to work for your company, acquire investors, or simply to create a modern business card of the company.

In  KRK STUDIO we both film productions for internal use (tool used to communicate with employees) as well as videos for promoting the company’s image on the outside. We believe that the key to the success of video production is to know you, your company and your customers. Therefore, before starting the cooperation we ask you what your company stands for, what are your values, what effect you want to achieve and what is exactly your target group.

← An example of our corporate video

Advertising spots


Advertising spots are very short (15 – 90 sec.) but effective marketing messages. Properly implemented advertising spot, that you can find on the Internet, is able to increase sales even several times.

In that case, there is no room for improvisation. Every stage of the work – from concept and script, through the work on the set, and post-production and publication of the advertisement- must be carefully planned. Using our experience, we take care of every detail as far as production of advertising spots is concerned.

Understanding customer’s expectations, unique idea, precise message and a very good performance-  this is our recipe for a successful advertising video.

On the right you can see an example of advertising spot


Video Production
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