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Clients and their feedback

Since our work is our passion, we’re devoted to people we work for. For the last few years we’ve gained trust of many companies, including some renowned brands. Our clients represent different industries and have various expectations.

Who trusted us:

KRK Studio reviews

Below you can find a list of some companies we’ve had an opportunity to work with.
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Magdalena Gruszczyk
Magdalena Gruszczyk
09:07 19 May 23
Profesjonalizm, kreatywność i elastyczne podejście. Reklama na wysokim poziomie. Polecam bardzo!
10:16 30 Apr 21
Pełen profesjonalizm. Najwyższy poziom jakości. Serdecznie polecam wszystkim bliskim i dalszym
Tomasz Januszek
Tomasz Januszek
19:25 12 Nov 20
I do not know other people who do something with such passion as the KRK Studio team. I highly recommend it in every... way. Professional and comprehensive services with competitive prices and a great approach to the more
Nina M
Nina M
15:49 31 Oct 20
Professionalism, openness to the customer's needs, enthusiasm, commitment - Mateusz really cares that you are satisfied... with the results. 🙂 I recommend 🙂read more
Janek Sowa Sowinski
Janek Sowa Sowinski
14:41 06 Apr 20
I would like to thank you for your past cooperation - now I have just found the time to make an opinion. 🙂 Great... feeling of the product and the most important messages that the client wanted to convey to the recipient; creativity and unconventionality, and finally - great more
Anna Krasnomorska
Anna Krasnomorska
17:24 21 Feb 19
Full professionalism 🙂 I highly recommend
Andrzej Budnik
Andrzej Budnik
02:33 23 Aug 17
For KRK Studio, we made drone footage. Very nice cooperation with an ambitious team of filmmakers whose passion is... video production! I heartily recommendAndrzej Budnikread more
Kalina Pieciun
Kalina Pieciun
20:46 14 May 16
Full professionalism! The photographer was on time, which, contrary to appearances, does not happen often.He did not... wait for the plan and directive to be set up, but showed great initiative and ingenuity. At first glance you can see that he does not care about unleashing the session (because the client wanted it) but thinks.Fantastic approach and contact with the client. Despite considerable objections on the part of the client regarding the set, the photos came out from MEGA. Our customer VERY satisfied, we are even more so.I have worked with many photographers - usually the cooperation looks like the photo master comes and ticks, often fooling around. The client is to set, the client is to provide a plan, the client proposes shots.Mateusz is a photographer with thoughtfulness, initiative and an idea.Not intrusive, not celebrities, and after a few remarks from his photos "took themselves".I RECOMMEND, RECOMMEND and RECOMMEND more
Magdalena Migalska
Magdalena Migalska
09:55 05 May 16
Great photos and dynamic videos! Professional and experienced service that can listen to the customer and adapt to his... requirements ;-)The business owner is a creative professional with passion! I recommend cooperation - in my case it was very fruitful!read more
Jacek Wierzbicki
Jacek Wierzbicki
13:21 04 May 16
Pełen profesjonalizm, zaangażowanie a efekty pracy wprost niesamowite.Miałem już okazję współpracować przy kilku... projektach i polecam zdecydowanie KRK more
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We’ve asked our clients to share their opinion about their impressions of cooperation with KRK Studio.
Here’s what they said:

“We’ve had the pleasure to use KRK Studio services on numerous occasions. Thanks to that cooperation we’ve created a professional case study video for our clients in Spain and Czechia. They’ve also made a convincing product video presenting our new technology. I always recommend KRK Studio as a company producing engaging videos. Their ability to convey emotions through sound and image is just unparalleled.”

Tomas Escudero

“Our cooperation with KRK Studio, which has involved various dancing projects, is always characterized with professionalism on all levels, including fast communication, good atmosphere on the set as well as post-production. The final effect is always a big and memorable surprise. I always pay attention to details, but at KRK Studio they are masters at doing so. The best evidence of our fruitful cooperation is the fact, that one of our promotional videos is almost 6 years old but it’s still used for our promotion. I hope we have many more project ahead!”

Magdalena Kochmańska

Sabrosa Dance Studio
“I’m impressed with the cooperation with KRK Studio. What distinguishes them on the market is creativity, “there are no impossible things” approach, involvement in every project and ability to adapt to changes. I can recommend them for implementation of all ideas, even the craziest ones.”

Barbara Kozanecka

“I have fond memories of cooperation with KRK Studio team mainly due to their passion and vision. They don’t need a script to create a masterpiece and, additionally, they’ll provide a relaxed atmosphere and extra panache. Every project is a challenge. They strive to fulfil their clients’ expectations but also meet their own high demands. It’s a first-class standard and a class of its own.``

Mateusz Ligęza

365 agency
“Mateusz, the owner KRK Studio, is passionate, open to new people and ideas. He’s also a perfect travel companion with an eye for photography. ”

Piotr Wancerz

Timelapse Media