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How do we make videos?


meeting / call

1. Understanding our client

You deserve to get a tailor-made video, which is why we must get to know you better. Before we get started, we want to understand your business and identify your recipients.

1-2 days

2. Concept

Exceptional stories make exceptional videos. Everybody has a different one. Once we find yours, we’ll move on to the next level, which is creation of a concept and a video script.

Stworzenie koncepcji

3-5 days

3. Preproduction

Organization of film production. We will create a detailed script / storyboard of the film, select the right actors, location for recordings, costumes and props.


1-2 days

4. Production

Then we’ll deal with pre-production, agree on a detailed schedule, locations, dates and we can start shooting!

Zdjęcia do filmu

3-5 days

5. Post-production

After the shooting, we’ll need approximately 3-5 days for post-production (editing, color correction, adding music, sound mixing, voiceover, visual effects).

Montaæ i postprodukcja

easy online access

6. Delivery

When the video is prepared, we send it to you and anticipate your feedback. After making any potential adjustments, once the video is approved, you can publish it on your website.

Gotowy film


7. Distribution

Publishing the video is not enough. In order to be effective, it needs to reach your potential clients. We can help you to promote the video both on your website and in social media.

Dystrybucja filmu