6 July 2016 Mateusz Wykurz

How to increase sales with video?

Wideomarketing becomes more and more trendy and there is no indication that the situation was reversed. It is not yet clear, however, how movies should be used in the promotion of business, or the idea, because in this article we will look at five ways to use video to increase sales.

1. Create video testimonies

Testimonies to the opinions expressed by individuals who have been in contact with the company, to build the so-called. social proof. Customers more and are less likely to believe in the ads and prefer to rely on the opinions of others, preferably experienced in the topic, people. Testimonies are so a great opportunity to support their promises of actual customer feedback.

Unfortunately, many unscrupulous marketers creates fake testimonies by their own reviews sites from impossible to verify a signature, for example. “the 29-year-old Thomas of Krakow”. Sometimes such “reviews” is accompanied by a photo randomly chosen from the gallery. This type of practice make customers more and are less likely to believe in the text and their testimonies the effectiveness of the fallen.

The solution will be testimonies video. Do not give 100% reliability, because, after all, always the person in this film can be an actor presented under another name, however, still work a lot better.

Ask your customers about the recording (or burn) the short reviews, preferably according to the schedule below:

  1. What is your name, what you do, how many years and from what time?
    2. As your work/life/finance/mood looked before use…?
    3. What you wanted?
    4. What you wanted to accomplish?
    5. How did you find the company? How did you hear about the product?
    6. What you have deployed (for educational products), how you used?
    7. What’s the effect?
    8. How can you believe the effect in subsequent years?
    9. Do you recommend these services/products?

Sample testymonial in the form of professional video you can see here:

2. Create useful videos, they are looking for people

Content marketing, or promotion by useful and substantive content is experiencing a real boom. As customers, we do not want to watch companies licytjących in przechwałkach. We want to get something that will help us and on this basis, until we build trust in the brand. Knowing this, you can create useful videos, with which people learn something that will help them in life, will give them a pleasant emotions, or stimulate to reflection. Give them something for free, and then they come after more, because in an era so bitter rivalry of the client, announcements in newspapers and leaflets are not enough.

Types of content that people want to watch:

  • HOWTO type how-to’s
  • the list (eg. 50 ideas for film)
  • FAQ
  • the most common errors and their solutions in your industry
  • News from the industry
  • product reviews and comparisons
  • fun facty, or themed trivia
  • presentation professionals

Video content marketing, that is, teaching people through free videos to interest their its products, great ideas for education, for example. When you sell online courses. See, as does Lynda.com, the service cannot create just such courses about programming, design, graphics, business, marketing, and many other topics. Review their free movies:


3. Perform tests of their product in front of the camera

Presentation of the actual characteristics of the product always work better than talking about them. If you sell something that is really good, convince people to self clean true by showing the film. If the product has amazing possibilities, you have a chance to achieve the viral effect, as did the Blend Tec:

Such a movie best work if:

  • you know the needs, problems and concerns of potential customers. Then you can adjust the content of the movie and pass tests to what you need to know the recipient, before they buy from you.
  • You can arouse strong emotions during testing, like the Blend Tec arouses admiration trunk your blenderami phones, or pieces of wood
  • tests appears to be plausible and are not carried out in directed conditions preventing failure (such as. washing powders washing new, clean clothes)

4. Tell the story

We love stories, because they allow us to move to another reality and experience adventure, which we have not had the opportunity to experience live. They are also much faster to transfer ideas, of which all beliefs, artists and companies of the world. Use this to show you the way you have to give your customers what you have the best.

The main types of stories in marketing:

  • the mission, expedition, like Frodo carrying the ring, which is a story about an important task, which the hero must realize at the end of a long, difficult journey
  • David and Goliath, or the story of the defeat of the giant by small, inconspicuous character, which no one gave the shadow of a chance to win
  • revival, renewal, profound transformation, which is the timeless human desire and hope for a new start. Stories of this type are similar to history “from zero to hero”, but differ in that they do not rely only on showing the hard work and determination, and some almost a miracle, or a second chance, which the protagonist got from destiny.
  • Comedy, which is all kinds of funny stories, which do not need to have a deeper meaning, because their purpose is amusement recipient

Look at the story from the movie Follow The Frog, which in a funny way to encourage action for good at the same time talking about things that are happening in the world, when we do not have them:

5. Create a video case study

If you are selling a service, you can create a case study discussing their effectiveness on example client. If you are selling a product, you can carefully examine and describe how well the check in operation. The creation of such a case study in the form of video will require a lot of work, but it can very accurately describe your product or service due to the AV channel. It’s better and more engaging solution than text.

By joining to create such a case study ask yourself or the customer whose case you are discussing, the following questions:

  • What were the objectives of the purchase of the product/service and what you wanted with it, win?
  • What are the challenges you cope with this product/service?
  • What made that you have chosen our product/service?
  • as our product stood out against the other before you buy and when?
  • What kind of problems you have with it, resolve and how this happened?
  • do you recommend and why?

General principle from the point of view of marketing is simple-show an example, how bad was the customer before buying a product, how to look for the best solution, and when you hit on your product or service has changed his life/work/earnings/health and how each customer can accomplish the same thing.

The case study is different, of course, from the reviews video that goes through the decision-making process (why the client has chosen you) and process use, and also shows the result. This is a very thorough presentation and explanation of the case, not just opinion and product. The best way of advertising what you are selling is proof of the effectiveness of, and accessibly designed case study is the best way to prove that you have something worth buying.

Apply these ideas in your wideomarketingu, and you will not regret. Remember that films of this type do not have to be expensive! The best, of course, hire a professional to created a video for you, that will bring you profits and with which you will be proud of. However, there are people who have phones and amateur cameras create videos with millions of views, therefore, do not translate the lack of equipment and start wideomarketing now.


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