Our approach to filming ensures the maximum professionalism and realization of clients’ business objectives. We understand that our task is to find the most optimal solution in terms of film production as far as price, realization and content are concerned. We approach each video with passion and commitment, and we treat each client individually.

Before we start the preparation of video materials we have a meeting with our clients to talk about their needs, expectations and specifics of their business. Style, script and special effects, which will be prepared for the video, will be adjusted to the nature of our clients’ industry. We select the appropriate technical equipment and tools that will allow us to obtain the best result, once we know what video material you need and how it should look like. We create promotional videos using the latest and highest quality equipment, basing on the experience and expertise of our team.

Our film studio consists of people working with passion and dedication, our team is creative, imaginative and ready for new challenges, not only the ones related to film production.

In addition, our advantages include the experience and industry knowledge we have gained over several years on the market. We learn something new every day and  we do our best to improve our skills so that we always offer innovative and unconventional solutions. Commercials and other video materials that we create always have individual scenarios, visualal effects and sound and dynamic and modern assembly. We want the end result to fully satisfy our customer, so we provide  comprehensive services and work to get our client’s full satisfaction. We know that Rome was not build in a day, that is why we desire to listen to customers’ comments and we are not afraid to introduce amendments. As a result, we know that we deliver video materials that are 100% compatible with costumers’ vision and requirements.

Each advertising spot produced in our film studio includes:

• script preparation (together with the client)
• equipment provision and it’s operation
• sound equipment along with sound engineer’s support
• lighting
• audio and video installation
• color correction
• selecting the right background music with license for its use
• development of graphic elements such as the logo, chart and subtitles
• different video formats chosen by the customer

While video shooting we care not only about the technical and professional services, but we also do our best to provide the right atmosphere on the set. We know that for people who are not used to work with camera, it may be stressful and difficult at the beggining. So we are there to provide a friendly and cordial atmosphere. Our team will give you advices and share tricks that allow you to do well in front of the camera lens.

We invite you to see the previously created films – if you want to learn more about us or ask  questions related to prices, find how to contact us in CONTACT section.


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