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How to create a viral video? Viral video marketing and advertising

Video Marketing Concept - Viral Videos on Youtube

Viral video is something that sometimes it’s hard to prepare, but the potential benefits are definitely worth the effort. Many of the films that have parted ways after the network with astonishing speed was low or zero budget, therefore, you have to remember that not only financial costs play an important role in the production of films.

Wirusowość content has more to do with psychology than finance. So how do such a viral video?

1. Laughter-one of the best ways to viral video

We like to laugh and show others what makes us laugh. Thanks to better well-being, not only do we have a better day, but also to build friendships and to present themselves as funny.

Advertising and commercial movies based on subtle split up the Web as fresh buns, for example can be videos from One Dollar Shave Club based solely on humor. You think that razors can not interesting to advertise? Error! Look at this:

Electric shavers are not in themselves here reason to laugh. Amuses us behavior of the main character and what’s going on around him. This means that fortunately, your product does not have to be a little funny to use laughter to his promotion! Another example of funny and very often shared video is a series of ads “Never say No to panda”:

2. The unavailability of, the secret knowledge and hidden access

Secret knowledge and everything available from always tempts people and arouses great curiosity, because we want to things that we can not have or that someone in front of us is hiding.

Met probably with headers like “Pharmacists hate it, because he revealed the secret of health without drugs” or such as “the Government does not want to, you know…”. Use the experience of tacit knowledge allows you to attract attention and to build curiosity, because even the useless information turns out to be an interesting time, when we are the “chosen” who can get it. Do you know what is one component of the viral video that nobody wrote? Well, that’s right.

Similar rules govern all secret societies, which due to its unavailability arouse and capture wanted or unwanted notoriety. In the movies it is worth to build interest and impression. You can find the secret methods disclosed earlier by anyone, access to a blocked Web site, a secret discussion forum, associations, or just basic product sold in very small quantities.

3. The tragedy, sadness and a sense of injustice

Some emotions more stimulate to action than others. While satisfaction is conducive to stagnation, and paralyzes the sadness, the introduction of the viewer in a more motivating to the response of the United States increases the chances of the viral effect. People shocked and worried over ban on such things as injustice, senseless harm, often share materials describing the unpleasant situations.

The bad news will attract more attention than the good we can notice while watching the news or reading newspapers.

Charities are based almost exclusively on the unpleasant emotions that must call in their advertisements to induce the recipient to take action. You can use arousing such emotions, like compassion, anger due to injuries, a sense of the lack of Justice in the world.

Such content spread virally, because when the recipient may not settle the problem of hunger in Africa, or cured all cancer patients, do what you can, simply by sharing knowledge with others. They do not want to be alone with the emotion that their fills.

If you’re advertising a product with which you want to bind the positive emotions, at the end of the film you have to come to a positive end. Here’s an example:

The content of the sad, showing the niezauważany earlier picture of the world is also becoming popular. A year ago echoes resonated in the German network Christmas production, which is definitely worth a watch if you want to move and feel like to reflect:

4. The fear and concern

If you look at the headers of the tabloids, you’ll notice that you are attempting to call the anxiety and fear are the basic play there. “See how easily you will get cancer”, or “your partner will betray You, if you do these 5 things …”, all of this causes increased amount of clicks and shares. Because in the end you do not want us to reveal and to betray our friends, right?

Fear is an emotion motivating to action, therefore, on the basis of your videos, you can get a very large audience. An example of such a film, that has become popular due to the correctly used the fear of the consequence of stupid behavior is “Don’t text and drive”:

You can also use the horror only temporarily, not scaring the disease, death or bankruptcy. Very interesting, viral video has created LG during the promotion of his new tv:

And here you can see really strong campaigns based on fear-live:

5. Comprehensive listings

The list and sets are very often provided, because they typically transmit a lot of content in a concise form. The number of attention, because titles like “50 ways to date” are more likely to be clicked and shared, than others.

So you can achieve the effect of viral form a comprehensive statement on any topic related to Your industry. The whole secret of creating lists boils down to this, to give in one place a lot of good content-in terms of both emotional and practical.

If you are creating your video marketing, often a better option than the regular title and scenario type “who we are and what we do” will be the arrangement of the film in the form of a statement, for example. “20 reasons why you should work with XYZ”. Of course, it is not always possible to apply, so don’t overdo it.

See how popularity won a statement of best ads during the Super Bowl:

This, of course, not all the possibilities and rules for creating viral video. Not every film planned by these points will become a virus, because only the customer and market Web crawlers will verify that you’ve come to the their tastes and whether you will make a noise. However, be sure to keep these elements of viral video, not to spend too much money on ineffective productions violate basic principles.

How to create a viral video? Viral video marketing and advertising
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