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About us

There are so many bland video materials, which have no impact on recipients and, therefore, don’t translate into sales. They are just a series of nice images you will soon forget about or even switch off while watching. Why is that? Because they neither tell you stories nor evoke emotions.

At KRK Studio we focus on video storytelling which will engage the audience and form an emotional attachment to your brand. An effective video carries either an emotional or a rational message:

Emotional level
Stir your recipients’ emotions. Tell the story they will identify with and influence their decisions.
Rational level
If you appeal to rational arguments, focus on your client instead of the brand or the product.

While making a video, we put the recipient first. The same rule applies when we cooperate with our customers. This means we always focus on needs and expectations of people we work for.

Our mission is to create beautiful, exceptional and inspiring videos which stand out for high quality and heavy emotional load.

Would you like to see how it works? Watch the video production process at our studio:

As in any other business, what matters most in the video production is transparency and mutual trust. We deliver all steps of the process – pre-production planning, filming, and distribution. That’s why, before preparations start, we want to get to know and understand our customer.

Our goal is to make the video that we will be proud of. We focus on friendly atmosphere, fast production as well as high quality of the delivered material.

We want you to have fond memories of the cooperation with us. There hasn’t been any unsatisfied customer so far.

What makes us special?


Shooting story-driven videos which engage the audience.


Using only professional filming equipment.


Being responsible for the whole production process starting from the concept and ending with the distribution.


Plus flexible deadlines. It takes us a week to deliver the final product.


Helping with the promotion of the video online, if needed.


No missing deadlines and unanswered emails. Responding on the same day.

Film studio

We are an experienced team of video production enthusiasts. Having been affiliated with the film industry since 2012, we’ve supported both minor and major companies within marketing, promotion and image creation. Although our film studio is situated in the center of Cracow, we’re willing to travel to other parts of Poland to produce the material.

Our offer includes new forms of promotion and marketing which are based on video. Our knowledge, experience and skills allow us to deliver professional services, for both private customers and companies. We fulfil orders for commercial, private as well as in-studio and on location videos.


We’re searching for innovative solutions and out-of-the-box ideas. Being aware that it takes less than a minute to attract the viewer’s attention, we think through every project very carefully.

We always approach every customer individually and so we will put your needs first. The video promoting your business must be as unique as you are. No matter what type of video we’re shooting – advertising, promotional or the corporate one, friendly atmosphere on the set is always of paramount importance.

Being professional, honest and trustworthy on everyday basis, we strive to live up to the expectations of the most demanding customers.


In our studio we produce advertising, promotional, corporate and business videos, event coverages, documentaries, music videos, instruction and product videos as well as video materials for advertising campaigns. We also specialize in video marketing.

Our client is provided with complex services –the script, planning, shooting, editing and post-production. Professional equipment and technical infrastructure allow us to carry out even the most demanding orders.

Since our goal is to meet the deadline and safely deliver the material of the highest quality, we value professional development and search for innovative and surprising solutions in the business.


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