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Until now we had the opportunity to shoot commercials, business and corporate videos for clients  from different industires and sectors like fashion, finance, transport, food, service, wedding or education. We work for small and medium-sized enterprises, non-governmental organizations and large companies and corporations such as State Street and Galeria Krakow. Dozens of customers trusted us because of our experience and professionalism.
Our motto is : “Customers’ Success is our succes”.  To assure you receive the highest level of satisfaction, we try to meet the customers’ individual needs and expectations. We do not create series of videos like ‘on a production line’, each of which is the same. We always take into consideration  the specificity of business, target audience, budget  and customer’s expectations. These actions, combined with a competent and reliable approach, make that our film studio is appreciated by Polish and foreign customers, whose number is still growing.
>Our team is characterized by courage to face new challenges and innovative solutions. From the very beginning of our business we strive to professionally assist our customers in creating the image of their companies, the acquisition of new business partners and public relations activities. We support them not only with our experience and knowledge, but also with our creativity and innovative ideas.




We support companies by preparing business and corporate videos, we also focus on content in the form of video marketing. Our projects are dynamic, have an interesting corporate content, which is appreciated by the companies that work with us. In our film studio the highest quality is supported by rich experience, creative approach and the desire to constantly improve and develop. Every video we create is based on thoughtful and unconventional lines, perfect video image, original sound and animation.

Customers appreciate that we work efficiently, quickly and accurately. Focusing on the details, we do not forget about the full picture and we make sure that each customer achieves through our videos what is important for them. We know that in this business the most important thing is to reach the video’s goal, which is why we focus on flexibility and direct communication. We are also appreciated for being precise. Successful cooperation, punctuality, creativity, good vibes not only on the set, competitive prices, efficient communication and  final effects make our customers love us.


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These are just some of the positive opinions that we have heared from companies that have entrusted us to shoot their business videos. We can only add that we are happy to produce video materials, our projects always end with 100% success and mutual satisfaction and often have its continuation.
If you want to be one of the satisfied customers of our video studio, please contact us. We guarantee that from the very beginning of our  ‘video adventure’ we give you our  full attention and provide professional services. Do you want to know how to contact us? Click on CONTACT

If you still have doubts whether we are a good choice – see our previous projects.
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